Dawn of Demise | Interview with Bjørn Jensen

[Dawn of Demise]

When it comes to pure and bludgeoning Death Metal brutality few records can touch Suffocation’s “Effigy of the Forgotten”. Its innate ferocity, accentuated with unrelenting blast-beats, incredibly sick guitar solos and an inhuman growling proved to be highly influential and spawned a whole new generation of groups trying to emulate such brutal intensity.
It’s extremely difficult to find a more brutal Death-Metal act who don’t cite the New Yorker’s debut as a favourite and that’s evident from the flux of covers that have surfaced over the years.
Denmark’s Dawn of Demise belongs to that vast array of Death-Metal units taking cues from Suffocation’s seminal work and don’t deny it. The Danes even included a cover of “Infecting the Crypts” on their upcoming EP “Lacerated”.
So, how influential is “Effigy of the Forgotten” to Dawn of Demise’s brand of brutal Death-Metal?

“... HAHA... We've been asked this question loads of times. And the truth is my friend, very, very influential. Well, not only that album, but basically Suffocation in general. “Pierced…” and “Effigy…” are big inspirations to us all in the band. I myself listen to “Pierced…” on weekly basis and have done so since it came out in ’95.
We listen to loads of other bands and have loads of inspirations, but to say that Suffocation is one of our biggest influences wouldn’t be far from the truth.... SUFFOCATION RULEZ!!!!”

Besides Suffocation’s theme, “Lacerated” features two new original themes and two other cover themes, At the Gates’ "Blinded by Fear" and Obituary’s "Turned Inside Out". Do you consider these two names to be influential for Dawn of Demise as well?

“No, not at all! Well, maybe Obituary a little, little bit, only for their heaviness and “old school-ness”. I mean, we don't sound like them at all...so?
As for At the Gates, we wanted to do something different and our drummer Kim loves the band, so why not. We all like that song, and he loves that stuff... so, that's just the way it panned out. I am looking forward to hearing what people think of that particular track, because it isn't our style and some people might think that we suck for doing it...let's see.
We are 100 percent satisfied with the Suffocation cover, so I'm sure we won't get shit for that one (hopefully?).”

“Lacerated” follows their highly successful debut record “Hate Take Its Form”, which garnered a vast amount of kudos, including no less than four nominations for the 2008 Danish Metal Awards, Best Debut, Best Album, Best Production and Best Live Band.
Unfortunately, Dawn of Demise hadn’t won any of the prizes, but nevertheless being nominated in four categories in no mean feat. I guess the band was thrilled by the nominations alone right?

“Of course... There are so many great bands here in Denmark, so the competition is tough. To be nominated four times is a great win for us. Remember we are a Death-Metal band, not a “gay” metalcore act...haha!!!! We won the “Best Live Act” last year and we’re still riding high on that win.
Maybe next year we'll strike gold, with a new album out and all that. We plan to have our next album out by next summer.”

Dawn of Demise along with groups like Crocell, The Burning and The Cleansing are an integral part of a whole new generation of Death-Metal acts drawing a lot of attention and revitalizing what was once an extremely promising underground scene with bands like Panzerchrist, Invocator, Illdisposed, Iniquity, Konkhra, Thorium, etc.
How would you describe the Danish metal scene of today and what do you think it triggered this renewed enthusiasm towards Death-Metal?

“Hmmm??? I don't really know. All I know is the Danish metal scene is stronger than ever. Ten, fifteen years ago we had like four, five good bands, now it's more like twenty. Concerning Death-Metal, I don't know what to say... Sometimes genres fall out of fashion and then somehow return to popularity. I don't know why. Your guess is as good as mine.”

So now that “Lacerated” is in the pipeline, what do you think is the next step for the band?

“The next step is to play shows, loads of them. We want to go across the border and kick the shit out of the rest of Europe. We are also trying to get festival gigs next summer. We would love to play at some of those cool metal and death fests that are being held all over Europe.
Yeah, that's basically it. Live shows and more live shows.”

More info at: www.dawnofdemise.dk