End - The Never Ending Whirl of Confusion

Not to be mistaken with Relapse’s recording artists The End, the simply named End comes from France and practises a fierce, dissonant and labyrinthine sonority somehow indebt to Swedes Meshuggah and to a lesser extent their compatriots Gojira.
The way this French five-piece structure their compositions juxtaposing different and puzzling rhythms over the same song promptly recalls the polyrhythmic architecture of Meshuggah’s song-writing. Just take opener “Absolutely Nothing” for example, here End hurl out a vast amount of hypnotic, quirky and dissonant riffs, the kind Mårten Hagström and Fredrik Thordendal are renowned for, over a pallet of idiosyncratic beats just as challenging as Tomas Haake’s drumming. Throughout the following three themes, which are part of their EP “The Never Ending Whirl of Confusion” released in 2005, End adhere to such formula with firm conviction and notable results, sounding as if the world is about to go down to its final conclusion.
The remaining two songs “Existence Asleep” and “The Decline And The Fall” to be featured on their upcoming debut full-length, sees the band perfecting their production and song-craft, and also reveal a more personal approach, sounding sparser and less claustrophobic like a more technical Cult of Luna on some occasions. A good hint that suggests the best of them is yet to come.

Band info: www.myspace.com/end1freefr