Sickseed | Interview with Mikael

Currently unsigned, Sickseed is one of the new breed of Danish Metal bands that are poised to raise some significant waves in their homeland. The Danes are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut work with an aim to issue it next year, yet they still have to fetch the attention of a suitable record label capable of giving Sickseed the right push to see them breakthrough.
So, how difficult is it to make a name for the band in Denmark nowadays, getting gigs, securing a record deal, etc?

“We have chosen not to focus our aim at Denmark to begin with. At the moment our focus is set abroad, Norway, Sweden, Germany and The States and so forth, before we come back to attack our home country of Denmark.
As far as getting a record deal we are trying our best to get a deal through with a label that can get us some exposure where there is a market for our type of music. And hopefully we will be able to have our debut album "The Beauty Before Death" in stores in the first quarter of 2009.”


How do you view the Metal scene in Denmark right now and the rekindled interest over the more brutal end of Metal music?

“The way we see it, Denmark has never been stronger on the metal scene than what we see today. There are a lot of great bands who are approaching the scene in a unique way, and are really making a name for themselves and Denmark on the international metal stage. The brutal side of Danish metal has always been present, Konkhra, Illdisposed, Hatesphere, Iniquity and Infernal Torment just to name a few. And today you find new brutality in bands like The Burning, Koldborn, Dawn Of Demise, The Arcane Order, Submission, Crocell, Scamp and The Pilgrimz who all have their own way of making their tunes uniquely evil "from their guts to your ears" Slow Death Factory R.I.P. We will always love you.”

Absorbing the bile of Death-Metal, the fury and quirkiness of Mathcore and other genres ending in core, Sickseed evades easy categorisation.
Their sound is too viciously brutal to be Hardcore and too quirky and diverse to be labelled as straightforward Death-Metal.
Where do you think Sickseed fits into the extreme music scene?

“We've asked our selves that question many times.
Our music isn't overly complex but it is tough to box it down to one genre. The tracks on our album reflect which bands we were listening to when we wrote them. They were written over a longer period of time because we, unfortunately, made a few bad calls before we found Thobjørn our lead singer. The long time span is also why we have so many different aspects in our music since our interests in music, like most people, is constantly evolving. So the music consists of a lot of different genres mixed into one sound. We always try to keep the tracks interesting so we try to avoid repetition as best we can.”

What reactions do you hope to provoke in your listeners?

“If we get some heads rocking then we are more than satisfied!”

So what’s next for Sickseed, are you currently negotiating with record labels for the release of your debut record?

“We have not gotten to the point of negotiating with any labels yet, but we have high hopes for the future.”

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