Hatesphere - To the Nines

Denmark’s Hatesphere return to the fore following a turbulent period of time that practically decimated the entire line-up that recorded their highly acclaimed “Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes” album. Guitarist and sole survivor Peter "Pepe" Lyse Hansen had the difficult task of rebuilding a new formation from scratch that would be able to sustain the hardship of a touring band like Hatesphere and most crucially, to pull off the level of intensity and fury the band is renowned to bring out on record.
Judging by the unrelenting and violent onslaught Hatesphere unleash on the first three songs of “To the Nines”, I believe there are absolutely no signs whatsoever of the Danish combo running out of gas.
Guitarist Peter Hansen have surrounded himself with an extremely talented batch of musicians that prove that they can be just as furious and memorable as they ever been and deliver what most fans have come to expect from them.
Even though the current line-up of Hatesphere is 80% new, I should mention that “To The Nines” doesn’t stray too far from the framework explored on previous works. The band essentially has made subtle chances in their sound, delving deeper into areas far heavier, thrashier and somewhat more streamlined.
In fact, Hatesphere feverishly opens with the frantic title theme, displaying an aggressive and Thrash-influenced riffing similar in intent and tone to Swedes The Haunted and the brutal growls and ferocious screams of novice singer Jonathan "Joller" Albrechtsen.
Certainly, some of this extra aggression found on “To the Nines” comes from the new vocalist and quite honestly what Joller lacks in diversity and interest in contrast to previous singer Jacob Bredahl, he makes it up with a gruffer, deranged and monolithic growl that totally suits the sonic chaos supplied by the remaining band.
Speaking of new blood, new drummer Dennis Buhl is equally worthy of mention, for he is an endless powerhouse of energy and mechanical precision.
On the following two songs, “Backstabber” and “Cloaked in Shit” the band continue to plunge into a gargantuan and fierce Thrash-driven riffs and pummelling percussion, only reprieving from such stormy attack when fourth theme “Clarity” slides in with a more mid-paced, restrained and catchy riffing.
On the downside, while “To the Nines” is a brutal slice of prime Thrash-core Metal, I do miss the somewhat sludgy riffs and non-so-linear approach to song-craft that made their “Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes” so overwhelming.
Nevertheless, if you seek some devastating aggression bound to inflict some serious aural damages, “To the Nines” is most definitely worth checking out.

Band info: www.hatesphere.com
Label info: www.napalmrecords.com

HateSphere - To the Nines