Miss Lava - Miss Lava

With former members of Dawnrider in their ranks Miss Lava is a new name to add to the growing list of refreshingly captivating and talented Portuguese bands leaning on the sludgier and dirtier end of Heavy-Rock like Men Eater, Dapunksportif, Dawnrider and Satans Revolver.
Their self-titled debut EP features four songs displaying a groovy vibe somewhat reminiscent of bands like Kyuss, Corrosion of Conformity and old Soundgarden, all flowing at a hugely enjoyable laid-back pace. A great thing about this EP is just how immediately likable it is and what makes it so damn addictive are the riffs, huge, bouncing and super-catchy riffs roaring out of the speakers with a tremendous energy and vibe.
Another great feature about Miss Lava is the powerful voice of Mr. Johnny Lee, whose tone can be compared to the remarkable John Garcia of Kyuss fame.
All these attributes combined make “Miss Lava” very worth hearing and if the Portuguese group can harvest all the potential and talent evidenced here into a full-length then I believe only the sky is the limit for them.

Band info: www.myspace.com/misslavarock
Label info: www.ragingplanet.web.pt