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Satans Revolver is sort of a super-group formed by members of well-known Portuguese acts like Aside, Twentyinchburial, Reptile, Forgodsfake and Before the Torn, among others, and whose sonority could be described as more laidback and unpretentious when compared to their main projects. Invoking themes of pure amusement and a state of spirit inebriated with all sorts of liquid substances minus H2O, Satans Revolver gives the idea that was spawned during one of those alcohol-fuelled party-nights between friends and whose main goal is to have fun.
Is this statement somewhat accurate for vocalist Guilherme Henriques? How did Satans Revolver born in the first place?

“Right… Me (vocals) and Franjas (drums) were at Champagne (Lisbon strip club-ED) spending notes of 20€ as if there was no tomorrow, when we noticed this dude who had just paid 200€ to a stripper for only showing her boobs, at that moment we immediately knew that the guy would be our guitarist, that was João. The three of us took of and headed to the casino to burn some money, already altered by the heat of the alcohol and the 30º of that summer night, we went to bet in the horses right way just like the Indians of the Circleville. At a certain point without any money and between a tremendous confusion, Franjas tried to steal 3 ships of 50€ to an old man who was spending his pension there and we were invited to leave by force by five gorillas.
We practically shitted on the scene and followed to a tavern at Cais do Sodre, where we started sipping shots of old jack, then we saw these two dudes picking on two ladies of the night that were walking by, working just like any other night. So after lots of gross remarks one of them asked the ladies the price of a whole service, then this guy walks in and it turns out it wasn’t their pimp but the boyfriend of one of them, apparently they weren’t prostitutes. Glass cups started flying out, chairs started landing one someone’s backs, eventually breaking some bones, and lucky me, my shot of jack was kept intact while I was at the balcony having this completely senseless conversation with the barman of that bar… The two dudes that started that true bar fight were Ricardo (guitarist) and Kapa (bassist), with whom we ended the night at the street drinking and speaking about Rock. On the following day we all started rehearsing… basically that’s how it happened.”

How do you feel about the label of “super-group” glued to Satans Revolver? Does it represent some sort of burden, the fact everyone are constantly mentioning the names of others groups you are involved with or these references end up being beneficial for the band as some type of résumé?

“A burden! No, not at all… Let just say that all we are proud of that label, even if we don’t live it… The references could be good for some and bad for others, I think that Satans Revolver is different from anything any one of us have made in the past, so listen and take your own conclusions…”

The band had recently released an EP called “The Circleville Massacre” through Ranging Planet, which have earned various comparisons to bands such as Every Time I Die and Cancer Bats a little over the whole press. Were these two of the bands that helped to define and shape the sonority of Satans Revolver or it was merely a convergence of the distinct influences of each band member that stretches from Hardcore to Rock?

“I think that it’s a little of both, we fight to be the most original as possible, but clearly and admittedly, any one of these two bands is part of our daily playlists.”

“The Circleville Slaughter” conciliates the toughness of Hardcore, the groove of Rock e the harshness of Metal throughout five songs that despite the disparity of influences are extremely cohesive and contagious. How do you create your songs, they’re the result of improvisation or it is the product of a more elaborated and controlled method of conception?

“More improvisation and unforeseen is impossible, our sound comes from moments of truly inspiration or lack of it, but also all of us have been in bands for several years and we know what we want and can see right way if a riff is any good or not.”

Currently there are a growing number of Portuguese bands influenced by a more aggressive and laidback brand of Rock and Heavy music commonly known as Stoner-Rock or Sludge-Metal, like Dawnrider, Men Eater and Miss Lava among many others. Do you think that nowadays there’s an increasing market for this genre of music in Portugal or the principal idea is to expand Satans Revolver beyond the borderlines of our country?

“No, there’s still not enough market for a band with our weight, or any of the bands that you mentioned to be able to climb up to a musical career in full-time, not yet. I think that any band with some ambition wants to win outside our country’s limits and we aren’t different.”

“The Circleville Slaughter” seems to have a concept that circles around the world of westerns, the song titles, the graphic design, etc all hint at such theme… If the sonority of Satans Revolver could be compared to a classic western movie, what would it be?

“Without any doubts it would be “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” or a “Once Upon a Time in the West”.

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