Celeste - Misanthrope(s) | Review

Nowadays there are an increasing number of bands blurring the lines separating distinct styles of music that normally we’d never expected to hear merged together into a single and cohesive whole, constantly pushing the envelope forward. Such is the case of France based four-piece Celeste who play a eerie and anguished blend of Post-Hardcore with Black-Metal and whose latest creation “Misanthrope(s)” is more than worth talking about, for it does sounds deeply compelling and disturbing.
I wouldn’t call “Misanthrope(s)” an accessible album, it will take some time to get used to their intriguing musical visions and all the bile and torment emanating from them, but with a slight amount of patience and persistence the experience will prove to be rewarding.
There are no gentle intros or slow build-ups; rather Celeste plunges straight into an avalanche of repetitive, heavy riffs and raspy and agonizing screams on the opening theme "Que des yeux vides et séchés". The vocal performance of Johan is more caustic and tormented than some of the most raw and filthiest Black-Metal coming from Scandinavia and the fact that he sings in French only adds a cryptic ambience to the songs. I should add that the Black-Metal influence is not only perceptible on the vocal department as there are also traces of Black-Metal to found in the guitar work of Guillaume as well, most notably on “A défaut de te jeter sur ta progéniture”, where the chords are faster and more malevolent. However, throughout most of the remaining songs their riffs crawl fiercely from the speakers at a somewhat comatose pace hint slightly at Cult of Luna on their initial stage, when they were far more destructive and fiercer than today.
Celeste have presented us a sludgy, nasty and downright intense record that all of you looking for something different and vicious should give it a listen, and all you have to do is download “Misanthrope(s)” at the band’s website for free. Or eventually you can donate a little something to support them. (7.5/10)

Band info: www.weareceleste.com
Label info: www.denovali.com