Impending Doom - The Serpent Servant

As Darth Vader so eloquently stated in “Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi”, trying to manipulate young Luke Skywalker to join the dark side of the force: the dark side is where the true power lies. Well, in the world of death metal and extreme music in general, it’s definitely where the most powerful and fearsome music is made. We simply can’t argue with the fact that negative energies such as anger, evilness and frustration are responsible for fuelling the most brutal and merciless sounds ever made.
There’re some exceptions of course and Impending Doom, a US Deathcore group whose Christian beliefs have lend them the Christian metal tag is one of them. They might not worship Old Nick, yet they play their instruments with a fierce and raging intensity like the best and most brutal Satan-worshipers out there.
Greatly produced by As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis, “The Serpent Servant” offers 36 minutes of brutal and low-tuned chugs with a slight Meshuggah bound coupled with a rabid and precise drumming occasionally peppered with furious blast beats and guttural monolithic vocals. Nothing wholly original or dissimilar from a myriad of bands that play in this league that’s true, yet the California group adds their own groove into their tight and catchy songs that prevents “The Serpent Servant” from sounding too derivative. The title theme for example truly summarizes the whole vibe of the record, bursting forth with unrelenting fury and sharp precision, only reprieving midway from such intense assault to offer some groovy breakdowns and a Fredrik Thordendal-style solo.
Bottom line is that although “The Serpent Servant” doesn’t present anything remotely original or innovative in a genre that is full of derivative and uninspired acts, it is still a solid and interesting record that should warrant a few listens from fans of Meshuggah and Despised Icon.

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