Building Chaos - Promo 2009

This one almost slipped by unnoticed among the growing pile of releases laying around my desk and waiting to be scrutinized in these pages. What we’ve here is a three track demo release from Greece’s Building Chaos, a thrash metal band that managed to recapture an old-school vibe reminiscent of Exhorder and Dark Angel’s heydays and meld it with the influences from more latter-day acts like Pantera and Machine Head. I guess groove is a keyword to describe Building Chaos’ sonority as the guitars of Petros and Alex exude a catchy groove that gels pretty well together with their aggressive and straightforward thrash-driven riffing. Catchy hooks are equally important for them as well since all the three songs are pretty simple with straightforward structures and catchy riffs, there’re no complex arrangements or pretentious guitar noodling.
There’s nothing here we haven’t heard before that’s true. Building Chaos do it fairly by the rule book and that’s obviously a downside since there aren’t a lot of attributes on display that could distinguish them from the zillion of other acts calling thrash-metal their favourite playground. However, these three tracks definitely show some promise and tell us that we should keep an eye on Building Chaos from now on.

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