Inevitable End - The Severed Inception

Although I never heard of Inevitable End before, it is plain obvious from the moment the title theme bursts forth with vile intent that we’re dealing with a rather interesting and savage death-metal/grindcore band that only record labels like Relapse and Willowtip are capable of discovering. The fact that these Swedes have been dodging from my scrutinizing ears during the seven years of their existence makes their debut full-length work “The Severed Inception” an even more surprising and striking listening experience.
Throughout nine tracks, Inevitable End moves through a style of modern and technical death metal with some grind elements supported by a crisp production that shows some similarities with their label mates Origin. Especially the monstrous drumming of Joakim Malmborg, which has a somewhat clinical sound to it, can be compared to Origin’s John Longstreth in terms of intensity and delivery. Most of the songs are fast, brutal and intense with severe and malicious guitar riffs played with sharp precision and relentless blast beats, yet Inevitable End throw in some quirky and dissonant riffs and some head-nodding breakdowns whenever it’s possible, making the whole experience a lot more unpredictable and interesting. These moments are especially evidenced in “Embracing the Origin”, “Collapse in Reverse” and “Apprentice Luminous Acquaintance”.
For a band that comes from practically nowhere peddling a style of music so doggedly abused over the last few years, “The Severed Inception” is a quite enjoyable surprise. (7/10)

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