Mumakil - Behold the Failure

Like the terrifying Tolkien creature they’re named after, Swiss grinders Mumakil are bound to inflict some serious aural damages on the listeners with their ruthless and riotous grindcore sound that is akin to a massive and enraged herd of mammoths, exactly like the one depicted on the front cover, trampling furiously into your direction. This might sound like an advertisement, but is absolutely true as the utter intensity this Swiss group pulls off is downright crushing and devastating. Mumakil like to keep their songs short and to the point and as a result “Behold the Failure” features 27 tracks spanning less than 36 minutes. They waste no time to mess around and do exactly what’s expected from a grind act, an all-out blastbeat affair with no pauses for breath that will certainly be appreciated by fans of Nasum, Misery Index and Rotten Sound.
It’s pretty redundant to do a track by track analysis as the whole 27 tracks are made from the same mould and in many instances it’s hard to distinguish them apart from each other, yet despite the feeling of sameness emanating from the brutal grind of Mumakil, “Behold the Failure” still remains a good and strong album in the same league as essential works as “Helvete” and “Exit”. (7.5/10)

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