Allhelluja - Breath Your Soul

Italy’s Allhelluja are back with their third full length work in three years and even though the band have lost two key pieces since the release of their last album “Pain is the Game,” the new piece doesn’t deviate too significantly from the style and themes prevalent on their previous releases. I confess was a bit dubious of how this album would sound without guitarist Massimo Gajer and vocalist Jacob Bredahl, but following a few spins I must concur that “Breath your Soul” is a very enjoyable work that encompasses some improvements to their writing style. Perhaps the most notable change resides in the vocal department. Jacob Bredahl was unquestionably a great and eclectic vocalist that would be hard to match, and I guess remaining members bassist Roberto Gelli and drummer Stefano Longhi knew exactly that, that’s why they have decided to replace him with two new vocalists, namely Trevor from Sadist and Gianluca Perotti from Extrema, who have injected a renewed sense of enthusiasm and energy into Allelluja’s music. The dual vocal delivery between Trevor who provides furious and enraged growls and Perotti who hands over a more laid-back and whiskey-soaked performance, is rather striking for most of the time and gels pretty well with the groovy, thrashy and rocking instrumentals supplied by the rest of the band. The overall mood of “Breath your Soul” is slightly more relaxed and sludgy when compared to its predecessor with new guitarist Tommy Massara also from Extrema churning out killer and catchy riffs, harnessing the furious power of Pantera, the chugging groove of Clutch and the monolithic vibe of Tony Iommi into a cohesive and infectious whole. Indeed this new album packs a handful of hefty and grove-filled themes like “Face to Face with the Devil,” “My Medicine,” and “I Will Rise Again” that fans of COC, Crowbar and Pantera will most likely enjoy.
I know it might seem a bit odd to see an Italian act peddling a style of music so deeply entrenched in North-American standards, but don’t forget that the Italians were responsible for some of the best western movies ever made.

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