Bizarra Locomotiva - Álbum Negro

Formed in 1993, industrial act Bizarra Locomotiva have been gradually garnering a cult status in their homeland-Portugal, partly due to their eloquent and disconcerting live performances and partly due to the fact their music isn’t exactly tailored for the masses, which means only a few privileged ones will fully appreciate the clash of cold machinery with fervent and organic emotions revealed in their music. See, Bizarra Locomotiva’s approach to industrial music was always nonconformist and eccentric, perhaps not quite as experimental as say Whitehouse or Throbbing Gristle, but still broadly deviated from the beaten path. They inject large doses of riotous punk and roaring metal riffs into an electronic and mechanized framework and the end result places them sonically closer to someone like Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Godflesh and old Nine Inch Nails.
Their loyal fan base have patiently waited five long years for the release of the successor of their fourth full-length work “Odio” and one careful listen to their newest offering “Album Negro” proves that Bizarra Locomotiva’s most defining characteristics not only are intact they have also been grandly refined.
This new journey starts intensively with “Êxtases Doirados”, its militaristic beat serve as the vertebrae for guitarist Miguel Fonseca to expel vicious and fierce riffs and for vocalist Rui Sidonio to vociferate aggressively like a deranged freak. The following theme “Remorso” plods along at a similar pace and I guess that, now it’s appropriate to mention that Bizarra Locomotiva sing in Portuguese, an aspect that works remarkably well and expands their singularity. Sometimes growler, sometimes orator, singer Rui Sidonio is like a dark Moses leading the scum downwards into a dystopian underworld totally devoid of hope or redemption at the command of his distorted voice in the vein of Justin Boardrick and Jaz Coleman.
Another standout theme is “O Anjo Exilado”, which features Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell as guest vocalist. It’s a blunt and straightforward song with a catchy refrain that will linger in consciousness for days.
“Album Negro” is an admirable effort from a group that have always managed to consistently improve with each successive release, without ever diluting the vitality and hunger of their early days and that is no mean feat considering they have been around for 15 years.

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