Hate Fusion - Blinded by Hate

One of the most positive aspects of writing for a music publication is definitely the chance to discover new groups and sounds from all over the world that most probably I’d ignore if it wasn’t for this humble little blog. Of course not everything that I come across is interesting and in numerous cases the works that drop by are plain average and some times even awfully amateurish. That’s not the case of Hate Fusion, a trio from Argentina that practises a melodic death-metal sonority with a strong Swedish influence. “Blinded by Hate”, their debut EP starts off with two engaging tunes, “Melted in the Darkness” and “The Kiss of the Vampire”, both of which invoke memories of Scar Symmetry essentially due to their massive and harmonically-driven riffs and the vocal dichotomy between harsh growls/rasps and crystalline melodies. The Argentinean act’s music definitely has a Swedish flair to it and throughout the remaining two songs we can also hear influences from other well known Swedish artists like Soilwork, At the Gates and In Flames. Although it’s a classic recipe that have been done to death before, the trio comprised of vocalist Fernando Nanni, guitarist Gustavo Kanazawa and drummer Federico Cano have nevertheless offered us a rather good blend of brutality and melody that should appeal to aficionados of the bands mentioned above. (6.5/10)

Band info: www.myspace.com/hatefusion

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