Process of Guilt - Erosion

Three years on from their critically acclaimed debut “Resonance” Portuguese doomsters are back with a sophomore work that clearly confirms them as great songwriters with an impressive and genuine affinity for miserable and dismal ambiences. Across six tracks, Process of Guilt create a gloomy and sorrowful sonic landscape few bands are able to achieve, it’s like wandering through a dark village deteriorated by age and ravaged by natural catastrophes. A bleak landscape bereft of any trace of life or any single colour other than grey and black. Though there are times where their songs can be overwhelming as well, with brief explorations of contemplative and shimmering melodies as if all of the suddenly a faint beam of light appears lurking behind the pale-grey sky and blackish clouds, restoring some type of hope to all the glominess and misery. Both “Dust” and “Waves” will journey listeners into such dark realms of the imagination for sure, they just have to switch off the lights, lie down and let Process of Guilt guide them. On these two tracks, the group casts out plodding and heavy riffs firmly rooted in doom/death metal (that’d be My Dying Bride, Shape of Despair, Novembers Doom, Swallow the Sun, etc) intertwined with submerged and sweeping guitar melodies that betray an infatuation towards post-metal acts like Neurosis and Isis. The album's success lies in these moments where Process of Guilt strays from the well-worn path and pitch into diverse moods and textures that tend to increase the mystery and intimacy of their compositions.
Overall, “Erosion” is an impressive album and is highly recommended for all the fans of the acts mentioned above.

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