Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution

Finally! Ever since Brutal Truth have announced their plans to get back together to participate in a benefit compilation to support EyeHateGod, one of the many victims of the devastating hurricane Katrina, that fans are foaming at the mouth for new material from this genuine grind-institution.
“Evolution Through Revolution” succeeds the seminal “Sounds of the Animal Kingdom” and demonstrates that Brutal Truth remains as vital and creative today as when they had prematurely broken-up in 1998. And as ever with a stiff refusal to compromise or bound to trends. I mean, once “Evolution Through Revolution” gets started, there is no relenting, no release and no mercy as this 20-track long-player is a brutal, lethal and visceral grind-assault that offers everything you’d hope for and expect from the band. There’s plenty here to please the most demanding fanatic of grindcore, just plug your ears to tracks like “Sugardaddy”, “Daydreamer”, “Afterworld” and “Lifer”. The drumming of Rich Hoak is vertiginous fast, Danny Lilker’s bass lines are muscular and groovy, the voice of Kevin Sharp is caustic and freaky, and new guitarist Erik Burke formerly of Lethargy delivers razor sharp, dissonant and heavy riffs at break-neck speed. There’re however, slight and highly appreciated detours from the overall chaos dominating “Evolution Through Revolution” like “Therapist… Spare The World” and “Detached”. While on the first track, guitars chug up and down with a straightforward and old-school hardcore vibe, the second theme sees Brutal Truth slowing down the tempo to burst out some sludgy and dirty death-metal riffs that brings to memory the mid-period of Entombed. “Semi-Automatic Carnation” is also a song that deviates from the norm, with the band experimenting with noisy and dissonant atmospheres and jazzy drum beats in a style not too far removed from Naked City.
All these extremely exciting factors combined make of “Evolution Through Revolution” an excellent return. (8/10)

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