Editorial | October - 2009

With Autumn comes those rainy and bone-chilling nights, excellent conditions to experience the music we cherish the most in the comfort of our cosy little homes. And there are a handful of new releases coming in the next few weeks that are perfect for those languid hours at home doing nothing, Baroness for instance have crafted a splendid record that will surely rank among this year’s top 10 releases. Katatonia’s follow-up to ‘The Cold Great Distance’ is also one of the most anticipated releases for this year and shall not forget that Swallow The Sun, Shrinebuilder (yep! The super group featuring Scott Kelly from Neurosis, Dale Crover from Melvins, Scott "Wino" Weinrich from… well as if you don’t who he is, and Al Cisneros from Om), Pelican, Converge and Russian Circles between many others will all issue new albums in following weeks, all of which we will try to review in these pages. We’ll also be working on new interviews with some of the most fascinating artists we’ve heard lately, and on that chapter I can already confirm that a conversation with France’s Eryn Non Dae is about to be uploaded on the following days.
On a side note, it’s extremely gratifying to witness that Scratch the Surface is getting more and regular visits from all over the world (yep! We’ve a program that tell us that, how voyeuristic right!). Since January we’ve had nearly 24.000 unique visitors, and although in the immeasurable world of the internet-nation that’s a pretty small number, it’s an important feat for us. I’ve to admit that some of these visitors came after illegal downloads, which won’t be found anywhere in these pages, so sorry to disappoint them! Anyway, whether you seek contents to download, stumbled here by accident, or preferably added us to the favourites I hope you enjoy what we’re doing and make sure to let us know what you think about Scratch the Surface. Comment our posts, send us mails, encourage us or depreciate our efforts! Tune in…