Grind-O-Matic - Welcome to Grind-O-Land

France’s Grind-O-Matic welcomes you to grind-o-land, 17 tracks of pure unadulterated, yes you guessed it right, grind. This trio from Paris stick to most of the stereotypes of the genre so there’s nothing here that truly sets Grind-O-Matic apart from a zillion of other bands peddling a similar style of grind. It’s all done by the book, relentless blastbeats, frenzied slightly punkish guitar riffs, animalistic growls and high-pitched screams (there’s also the absence of an audible bass work by the way), and that kind of threw me off at first, but further listens gave me the acknowledge that at least, they do it with a ferocious intent and a fair amount of competence. Occasionally, they hit the brake pedal and let us know that they can chug at a more mid-paced tempo, which is an enjoyable pause from all the frenetic chaos going on for most of the duration of ‘Welcome to Grind-O-Land’.
Bottom line, Grind-O-Matic churns out an okay grind that will surely satiate all the famished fans of the genre, but still have a long way to go to reach the high standards of someone like Napalm Death, Maruta, Kill The Client and so on.

David Alexandre

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