Katatonia – Night Is The New Day

I had high expectations on the new Katatonia, considering that ‘The Great Cold Distance’ was a true masterpiece. Their past as a doom death metal band is totally gone, and this almost sounds poppish compared with the first times. But do not be mislead by these first lines. Jonas Renske and his boys admitted this to have been one of the hardest albums to write, precisely because it would come after ‘The Great Cold Distance’. Yet, this new record is as good, if not better as its predecessor. They actually make it look easy, to write all the beautiful melodies and the profound lyrics. In general, it follows the line of ‘The Great...’, but it also brings us new things: an entirely acoustic song (Idle Blood) and more experimentation with the electronics and programming, mostly and well used to create the dark and ethereal ambiance aura. Desolation also comes along with songs like ‘Nephilim’ and organs can be heard on ‘Liberation’. And an energic effort on the first track, ‘Forsaken’ the first track given to the world, probably misled too many people in believing that Katatonia have gone heavier and faster on this record. Prog-rock sure made its impact on the beautiful and warm voice of Jonas Renske and gave the guys enough motives to change and experiment some more. All in all, it is a great record from the Swedes. And the production, well, it is the cherry in top of the cake: sublime, intense, well equalized... Awesome, try to hear it with a nice set of headphones or in an expensive surround system (can't wait for the 5.1 mixing), unique experience guaranteed. Also, some Opeth influences are to be expected. But look at it as compliment to their fellows as you can't go wrong with a Katatonia plus Opeth sound, right? It gets an 8 out of 10, it's a unique and intense set of songs. (8/10)

António Matos Silva

Band info: katatonia.com
Label info: www.peaceville.com