Majestic Downfall - Temple of Guilt

First time listening to Majestic Downfall and it gives you this very first impression of great ambiences. Taking the boat ahead to another mind travel as Jacobo (the man behind Majestic Downfall) offers you the chance to contemplate his sorrowed soul, dim thoughts to convey and you’re now wandering completely free, feeling the soft pleasing breeze throughout this beautiful sea of eternal desolation! You’ll definitely get it in you, that ambiance is without a single doubt the highlight of this Mexican one man band and you’re not wrong at all! That peculiar word matches perfectly with Majestic Downfall!!!
At my first attempt trying to describe Majestic Downfall; that kind of Scandinavian death metal background on it, mixed up with a doomy and sometimes enthralling atmosphere, surely will remember of bands such as Insomnium and Shape of Despair and even Primordial can possibly pop up in your mind all of a sudden as ‘Temple of Guilt’ naturally evolves and grows in you. Notice that throughout the whole piece, ‘Temple of Guilt’ the CD I had chance to listen; if you’re into this kind of music then you’ll possibly end up drown on a maelstrom of intense feelings, and despair is also greatly present here leading you to a conclusion that this feeling of depression is not a mere act of reflection by the artist behind Majestic Downfall, which in fact pleased me a lot since I’m a huge fan of decadent expression (don’t mind it…just the way I am). To emphasize this concept of solitude, lyrics flood and merge our thoughts definitely buying us a mesmerizing voyage throughout Jacobo’s mind for a pleasant while, at least it sounds like an introspective to his self showing something very personal, something very of his own (only my interpretation of course)! Moreover, I also need to refer the good production that the CD had because it really enforces the aura surrounding this record, some dirty feel flowing into it adding a lot of personality to what Jacobo transmits to his music.
Aside from that and despite of being a one man project some melodies should have been better worked out and the solos despite of being well placed aren’t catchy enough either to grab your attention sometimes, which in fact is a pity since they had more potential than how actually they seem to sorted out. The songs are really big as well which may turn up as a boring journey when you’re listening to this band for the first time, repeating off some riffs you simply just don’t want to hear again and again and perhaps that fact could have been avoidable but you know… That’s just my humble point of view, my worthless opinion and it’s not necessarily a critic to this very positive effort by Majestic Downfall because on the overall it is well written and composed. So… guess what? Music is free to be what it is...
Nevertheless, a well done job marked by pleasant ideas and as I previously said some catchy ambiances which are definitely the top highlight for this beautiful Mexican act. Recommended

Pedro Remiz

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