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In a time where labelling musical styles is strictly and absurdly necessary, thus getting some ridiculously funny and specific ones - United States Black Metal, Modern (insert metal genre here), Drooone, Cybergrind and Cybercore - it remains a mystery why sludge and stoner didn't suffer the same treatment. I mean, stoner and sludge go for everything: Neurosis, Mastodon, Blue Cheer, Orange Goblin, and Indomitable Iron Sloth. Well, Shrinebuilder are, in their essence, a stoner outfit. But they go really wider, as they have grunge (Melvins), stoner-doom (Om), classic doom (Saint Vitus) and sludge (Neurosis, though they used to play some kind of raw-punk) members. The result in their debut EP is what I proudly call RETRO STONER. Or vintage, for all that matters.
What we have here, really reminds me of a classic record, such as Black Sabbath or Vincebus Eruptum: classic and classy production, kick ass guitar solos and a loud, audible noisy bass. And since we have Al Cisneros (from Sleep and Om fame), we can hear some mantras and spirit musical lines as well. Top musicians always do top music. And it was recorded in three days. Put Scott Kelly, Al Cisneros, Dale Crover and Scott Weinrich on a studio and the will produce whatever they want, but always a high pedigree product. It totally takes you to and through the 70's and the whole rock'n'roll development time.
They did five songs, but they could have done twenty. What you see, is what you get. But not what you would expect, i guess. Experimentalisms and layers and deviations are left aside, to do classy rock. Or RETRO STONER. Or vintage, for all that matters. Had they a Hammond organ and they would totally slay!

António Matos Silva

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