We, The Undersigned - Bleed the Constants

Never heard of this young collective from New Brunswick, Canada before, but something tells me that it’s worth keeping an eye on them from now on ‘cause we’ll be hearing the name We, The Undersigned more often in the future. Mostly it is the prime slice of southern-rock tinged hardcore exhibited on their debut recording ‘Bleed the Constants’ that gives me such hunch.
The press release recommends it for fans of Every Time I Die and Protest the Hero and those are pretty accurate suggestions given that We, The Undersigned blends the muscular and groovy riffing of the first with the tricksy and speedy rhythms of the later. The result is seriously heavy and enjoyable, though ultimately not really unique or unheard, but still perfectly capable of avoiding accusations of plagiarism and tribute.
‘Bleed the Constants’ kicks off with ‘IDDQD’, an all up-tempo song balanced between a nimble math-core riffing and a groovy chugging coupled with vocalizations that veers from an angry throated croak to a loud melodic singing.
The second track, “Pangaea Mind’, is mellower than its predecessor, leaning towards punk-rock but faster and more abrasive. As a matter of fact, ‘Bleed the Constants’ occasionally exudes a punk attitude, especially in the vocalizations, that verge on screamo. Thankfully none of that whinny style that is in vogue nowadays since that, even in these moments We, The Undersigned display a tremendously heavier and more energetic drive than someone like Thursday for example.
With the third track ‘Burning Bodies’ we go back to a more aggressive and crunchy style, and although vocalist Tyler Feeney is ordering us all to relax, the agitated and furious riffing Andy Stevens lets out incite listeners to react and do everything but lay dormant.
To sum up, ‘Bleed the Constants’ shows a band with a lot of potential and interesting ideas, even if some of the songs tend to drag a little, clearly destined for greater achievements. So if you’re into bands like Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats and Protest the Hero you’ll need to imprint the name of We, The Undersigned in your memory.

David Alexandre

Band info: www.myspace.com/wtu
Label info: www.DiminishedFifthRecords.com