Revocation - Existence is Futile

Power trio and a mighty one. Rest the ones who think that death and thrash are lost causes.
If death and thrash need to be reinvented, this is the way to do it, back to its origins. USA has Revocation and the UK has Gama Bomb, two of the youngest and still greatest bands that the next decade has to offer us.
Please, but please, stop comparing. This is way much better than Megadeth and the latter Arch Enemy records. They do remind me Testament and Death, kind of a good mix of both.
Nice music in here: you have these jazzy breaks in the middle of the heavy-thrashing, classic power-solos (like the good ones from Steve Vai and - why not - Michael Ammot in Carcass) and some Petrucci-ish solos too. Lots of groove, baby!
A fan or not of death/thrash, this is a mandatory listen for 2009, as it will make you understand how almost 30 years of metal can still be reinvented and probably will sound in the next years. It may sound repetitive from me, but this is the end of a decade and the beginning of another. Bands leave something behind and start to pick up other references, other styles. There's a lot you can do now. And Relapse knows that, as it picks the best and most innovative sounds for the 00 years.
You won't need more than two listens to be convinced and know these guys have it all. It blows my mind how these kids today have so much technique and will to do something new. And thank god they do.
The instrumental ‘Across Forest and Fjords’, ‘The Brain Scramblers’ and ‘Leviathan Awaits’ are the highlights, as it is also ‘Existence is Futile’. (8/10)

António Matos Silva

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