Sacred Steel - Carnage Victory

What can we say about Sacred Steel? These guys have been around for 12 years now, seven full-lengths released, a couple of splits and a live album. They play power-metal, with everything good and bad the genre implies: fast drums, high speed guitar and falsetto vocals - sometimes they're even laughable.
Lyrically, well, Sacred Steel are the typical power metal band: epic battles against Satan and other deities, supernatural owls and ditties, wizards and sorcerers... Well, you know the usual.
‘Carnage Victory’ is just another release that adds nothing to the music business. It's quite repetitive and boring and sometimes it seems like they try to emulate a mix of Judas Priest with Jethro Tull, in a bad and not memorable way.
The vocals seem to be the weakest of this record, where the rhythm section has a good but useless effort. Good for the fans of the band and genre, not worth of a try for other listeners.
Why Germany seems to be such a fertile ground for the power-metallers will remain a mystery to me.

António Matos Silva

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