Ablach - Aon

Removed from anything resembling a melody or a glossy note, “Aon” showcases six young Scots beating the crap out of their instruments like a youngster Napalm Death. This is fast, intense, crusty and downright brutal and that’s the way a genuine grind-core release should sound, simple as that. Ablach (which means “mangled carcass” in Gaelic) just want to grind, damn fast and with an immense fury, as if they feel the need to discharge all their rage on us after being robbed with extreme violence and then mistaken by thieves by an overzealous police force that had incarcerated and beaten them senseless until they confess a crime they didn’t commit.
Ablach retain all the major grind elements that are essential to any self-respected grind-core release and detract from modern and rather show off tendencies, and proof of that is that their cover version of Napalm Death’s “Unchallenged Hate” seems to fit pretty well with their original material. However, there are some flaws to be found on “Aon”, the biggest one being their rather weak and indiscernible guitar sound, which sounds like a chainsaw chopping flesh and bones at a distant basement.
Of course, they don’t add anything new or innovative to the style, yet that’s perhaps what most of you grind freaks crave for, just like those people who prefer their whiskey straight. There’s not much to add, if you dig pure unadulterated grind along the likes of Napalm Death, Repulsion and Terrorizer then check these guys out.

David Alexandre

Band info: www.myspace.com/ablach

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  1. Cheers for the kind words. It's greatly appreciated.
    Seems we are acheiving everything we love about grind.
    Expect more of the greatest grind with a better guitar sound on our second album "Dha".

    Cheers from all of Ablach!
    Calum - Drums