Hollow Branches - Anchored in Sleep

Hollow Branches is a project created by Robert Hunter, Marius Sjøli from Formloff and Self Spiller and Jason Walton from Agalloch, and to give you a rough idea of what to expect their second EP “Anchored in Sleep” brought to mind the most ethereal moments of Anathema and In the Woods, and in some stances the introspective ambiences of someone like Sigur Ros. While it doesn’t sound wholly innovative, “Anchored in Sleep” still showcases some interesting and effective ideas. It’s replete with diversity, drawing influences from a wide and varied palette of musical textures and layers like trip pop, post-rock, ambient and progressive music, without ever lacking in coherence.
Most of songs dwell in a minimal and reflective ambience with the grieving and gentle voice of Robert Hunter echoing atop layers of acoustic guitars, tremolo guitar harmonies, noisy distortion and some synth elements. The post-rock and shoegaze influences are more noticeable in songs like "Steel Flowers" and the title theme, bearing some similarities with Oceansize and to some extent Anathema. The other tracks “Ivory Dream” and “Impending Mourning Haunts” are more infused with ambient and electronic elements, yet always remaining sad and melancholic.
This is great music, Hollow Branches has the ability to take you on a contemplative and introspective journey, so lean back in your bed and stare at the ceiling, while your mind gets invaded with whatever thoughts are haunting your closet these days.

David Alexandre

Band info: www.myspace.com/hollowbranches