Innerfate - Unleashed

Innerfate is a new band formed by three former members of Forever Slave, who for those that can’t remember or never heard of them is a Spanish female fronted gothic-metal act that until now had recorded two full-length records (one of them the awfully titled ‘Tales for Bad Girls’) for Wacken/SPV and toured with bands like Kamelot and Firewind. Innerfate peddle a similar style as Forever Slave, and although I wasn’t exactly a fan of their prior musical adventure I must say that the music presented here was a pleasant listen, though nothing out of the ordinary.
Some may consider gothic-metal a tired and saturated style, but the music that Innerfate create can’t hard hardly be considered worn out or uninteresting as the band reveals enough experience and know-how to piece together a batch of well-crafted songs that don’t lack in substance or appeal. It’s competent stuff though not exactly everyone’s cup of tea as although some of the songs still have some crunchy guitars they often reveal a pop-vibe that almost reaches the standards of a ballad. It reminds me mostly of Lacuna Coil’s recent outputs, as the Spaniards indulge in similar memorable and subtle sections with plenty of polished and sugar-sweet melodies to back up the soulful and subtle timbre of Swiss-born vocalist Mara.
I would recommend this EP if you like the genre. However, it won’t get you into it if you’re not already infatuated with the style of music.

David Alexandre

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