Nova Orbis – Imago

Haling from Colombia, Nova Orbis bring us ‘Imago’, their new record. Well, new in recording matters, but not in originality actually. Nova Orbis deliver a pretty generic symphonic/progressive metal sound, fronted by a wannabe soprano singer. It’s hard to talk about this kind of sound in the 00’s, as it’s already worn out and played for too long. There’s not much to tell about this record: there are some good guitar riffs, but in the overall, the weak production and Ana Barajas sometimes annoying singing are not a really good hook to this record. Most of the songs tend to be pretty much forgettable and boring, mostly because of the forced progressive moments throughout the album. Progressive-metal needs thinking and, above all, good taste. Don’t take me wrong, I do love when a band incorporates typical instruments from their country, but you cannot have it just because you want it.
My final judge? This is strictly a record for symphonic metal fans only.

António Matos Silva

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