Sectioned – Purulent Reality

Ah, good old death metal! I have to admit I never get tired of the rotten sound of this genre, especially when it takes me to the Californian sounds of the 90’s. And Sectioned do that pretty well, I have to admit: diabolical riffs, double bass pedal on the drums, possessed grunts… Singing about love? Yup, pretty much.
The lyrics are the weakest part on this record – for those who matter and care to read them.
All in all, Sectioned deliver a pretty decent and old school death metal, that is definitely worth a listen. A good nod with the head to Obituary, they spare no one, covered in rot, power, and heaviness. Is it only me, or these guys playing live would slay?

António Matos Silva

Band info:
Label info: Paragon Records