Swallow The Sun – New Moon

Warning: this is totally unrelated to the infamous ‘Twilight Saga’, by Stephanie Meyer. Swallow the Sun are one of the best death doom-metal bands hailing from Finland, who’ve came up just at the turn of the new millennium with ‘Out Of This Glooming Light’ demo, letting many in awe. Ten years later, ‘New Moon’ shows us a band with a fine taste for writing, composing and producing. This is far from the actual boring and somehow pretentious doom scene of nowadays. They stick to an old but always secure formula and combine some progressive elements. The result? ‘New Moon’ I mean, how many doom/death-metal bands do you know which could invite Marillion’s guitar player to play on a record?
Give it a listen (it’s from 2009, but it will echo on the forthcoming years), it’s definitely worth it. For real!

António Matos Silva

Band info: www.swallowthesun.net
Label info: www.spinefarmrecords.co.uk