What is the dumbest question you ever been asked in an interview?

I’ve first seen this interview from 1989 with David Vincent from Morbid Angel done by a Swiss fellow on an Invisible Oranges post a while back, and man that was simply hilarious and I almost laughed myself to death with such stupid questions. Who in their right mind would have ever thought of asking Morbid Angel’s frontman their thoughts on lemon pies, microwaves ovens and the Goo Goo Dolls? Admirably, Vincent never looses his composure and answers every question politely when others would have simply laugh at that journalist’s face and ask him if he’s serious or just taking the piss.
I was curious to find out if other moments like that ever happened to other bands, so I’ve questioned a few of them on what was the dumbest question they ever been asked in an interview.

“I guess there's at least one dumb question in every interview haha! Yes one time I had to answer to an e-mail interview. I think the guy didn't know Mumakil at all, or he never listened to our music…
One of his questions was “I really like the atmospheres and ambience in your music, can you explain us how you can deliver such emotion through it?”
I mean... Maaaaan come on, what is this question??!! haha!!”

Sebastien Schacher/Mumakil

“You have used Greek language in your last album...Are you nationalist????????
Yes I have heard this!”

Sakis Tolis/Rotting Christ

“Would be quite a cliché to answer "this one", wouldn't it? Heh ... well, I don't know about "dumbest", but I've indeed got many amusing questions due to bad language skills. Sometimes you wonder if they simply run it through some free online translation tool. It's quite common you get a "statement" rather than a "question" which makes you quite uncertain on what to say...”

Patrik Lingren/Thyrfing

“I don't actually recall any especially dumb questions. My answers are usually dumber, haha. One question got me bit offended though, but I think there might have been some language- issues there too, how they were putting out the question. Anyway, question was about fans and how we kind of "select and approve" ours. I mean wtf? If you get your kicks out of Ghost Brigade, that's everything and enough to me. At that particular second I was that offended that I politely refused to answer, haha.”

Tommi/Ghost Brigade

“I have probably been asked a lot of stupid questions during interviews, but I tend to forget them afterwards. I don’t want to spend energy on remembering negative things, especially such un-important things a weird question. I’m pretty sure that no harm is meant by asking a question, even if it might be slightly stupid, so I feel there is no reason for getting angry about it.”

Jørgen Munkeby/Shining (NOR)

"Are you djent?" A new fashion term that means nothing for me and seems to represent a certain style of music.”

Franck Quintin/Eryn Non Dae