The Engines of Armageddon - Obelisk

Hailing from Nottingham-UK, The Engines of Armageddon is a rhythmically-powerful sludge-metal trio with one foot on a distortion pedal and the other one in your face. They remind me of a looser and less corrosive Exhorder on some occasions, and if you aren’t old enough to remember them, they were a sludge-driven thrash-metal act from New Orleans who released a couple of strong records before disbanding in 1992, though I’ve heard they’re back to the game now.
Just like the later period of Exhorder, these English fellows trudge thru the swampy fields of southern-soaked metal, occasionally veering off into a more violent and angrier path with some thrash-metal leanings. The gravel voice of drummer Bill Fisher also increases the similarities between the two groups as it shares some resemblances with the throaty whiskey-soaked style of Kyle Tomas. And I should also mention that both groups share a strong political and social message through their thought-provoking lyrics.
The “Obelisk” demo is just a small taste from their forthcoming second record which is due for release next year I believe, and from what I hear from these three tracks it sounds positively promising.
The first theme “Imbibe the Toxin” kicks off in a typically southern-rock vibe with plenty of soloing that often verges into a bluesy territory and it’s definitely the most immediate song of the whole three. Following next is “Obelisk”, which starts with gargantuan riffs played at crawling pace, yet as it progress further it detours to various tempo changes that are bit peculiar to say the least, peculiar in the same as some of Opeth’s complex and obscure time signatures. Finally there’s “The Mysterious Case of Wardenclyffe Tower” which sees TEA at their most aggressive and thrashy posture.
Although the production is a tad lacklustre, even for demo standards, TEA show some great skill and confidence in meshing together slow-mammoth-size riffs with some aggro-groove-heavy riffage and I’m rather curious to hear more from them. So roll on the new full-length album.

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