Gehtika - This New World

Gehtika! Now that’s a rather peculiar band name that will probably be misspelled a million times or so when people try to goggle it, not to mention that it’s the sort of moniker that just doesn’t stick. And that’s exactly the same thing that can be said about this British quartet muscular and aggro thrash-metal with audible leanings towards Lamb of God. It sounds okay for a spin or two, yet ultimately there aren’t that many attributes to be found in “This New World” that makes Gehtika stand out from the crowd.
Following an instrumental intro, “Gods of Death” sets things in motion with a potent and furious riffage and some gut-bursting screams that are slightly reminiscent of Randy Blythe, Lamb of God’s vocalist. It’s a nicely structured theme just like “In the Face of Weakness”, which is filled with just enough aggressiveness and powerful hooks to make it fairly interesting. Yet elsewhere, their posture becomes slightly less threatening, more predictable and truth be told, uninteresting.
Nevertheless, if Gehtika can craft a whole record filled with songs made of the same calibre as these two aforementioned themes, I’d say that they’re on the right track and should be appellative to fans of both Lamb of God and Chimaira.

David Alexandre

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