Humanfly – Darker Later

The opening theme from Humanfly’s third full-length record “Darker Later” sounds like a bastard offspring between Mastodon and Melvins and that’s an extremely good thing on my book. The oddly titled “This is Where Your Parents Fucked” boasts some gargantuan riffs that carry out the powerful intent and infectious groove of Mastodon coupled with a rather angular drum work archetypical of Melvins and a singing style that strangely enough remind me of two ‘Osbornes’, one named Buzz and the other one named Ozzy.
The following track “English And Proud And Stupid And Racist” steps in sans vocalizations and reveals a greater emphasis on the sludge riffery reminiscent of acts like High On Fire and the aforementioned Mastodon.
So far everything’s fine with this album, yet then steps in third song “Stew for the Murder Minded” which roughly sounds like a crossbreed between The Locust, Refused and High on Fire. Apparently these guys have a past in hardcore and punk, and those influences come to the fore on that particular song, where vocalist John Sutcliffe screams like he’s on the verge of mental collapse on top of an instrumental backbone that straddles between brute, explosive riffs, enraged cymbal tapping and a groovier-sludge-driven rhythm.
From here on, Humanfly throw in just as much ingredients as they can put their hands on in a mishmash of hardcore, metal, grind, sludge (The Enemy of my Enemy is Me), prog (Darker Later) and so on. The blending of styles isn’t always subtle, it gives the impression we’re listening to completely different bands so, by the time the album reaches the end, you’re left wondering who’s Humanfly? What’s their musical identity?
This could be a rather good work, the first two songs demonstrate just what a tour de force Humanfly can be when they get it right, but due to its lack of focus it’s unlikely to make a massive impact.

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For fans of: Melvins, Mastodon, High on Fire, Pig Destroyer, Salome