Mourning Lenore - Loosely Bounded Infinities

Hailing from Lisbon – Portugal, Mourning Lenore peddles a solemn and grieving doom-metal that reminds me of the Holy Trinity of British Misery. That’d be Anathema before setting the controls for the heart of Pink Floyd, Paradise Lost before getting enamoured with all things Depeche Mode and My Dying Bride minus that experimental record called “34.788%...Complete”.
Though "Loosely Bounded Infinities" nods to the past works of the aforementioned acts, it’s far, far more than a mere nostalgia trip or a long lost-relic, their sound is authentic and refreshing enough to appease a whole new generation of lamenting souls that find comfort in the likes of Katatonia and Ghost Brigade.
Mourning Lenore reveals a remarkable knack for making their guitars weep in sorrow just like Anathema and Paradise Lost in their early days, and merge it with some poignant and elegant melodies reminiscent of Katatonia, that manages to both soothe and seethe the soul. “Reminiscent” is an impeccable song that perfectly encompasses such modus operandi, slow-driven, colossal and sorrowful riffs are intertwined with gentle and shimmering harmonies, while vocalist/guitarist João Galrito balances a grieving growl with a soothing singing.
The songs are long, which is typical of the genre, yet in no moment Mourning Lenore meander and lull us into sleep. Come to think of it, “Loosely Bounded Infinities” is indeed a relic considering that it’s hard to fill a well-crafted, genuine, listen-all-the-way-through doom record in this era.

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For fans of: Anathema, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Saturnus