Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death

No guessing for how Nekromantheon’s debut recording “Divinity of Death” sounds like, it’s pretty obvious. I mean what other bands other than an old-school thrash-metal one has song titles like “Gringo Death” and “Alcoholy Terror”.
Norway’s Nekromantheon is actually a project featuring members of other retro-thrashers like Obliteration and Audiopain and those already acquainted with these two acts will find out that the trio’s sound isn’t too far removed from their main bands.
When it comes to retro thrash, I believe there are two questions that need to be answered. How old-school are they? Are they any good?
Well first, they’re really old-school, way back to ‘89 when Sepultura released “Beneath the Remains” and second, they’re actually pretty good at what they do.
Save for the compact production, “Divinity of Death” could easily have passed for something recorded in the eighties, throughout thirty-plus minutes the trio deliver a sound that harkens back to the genre’s 80s heyday. The riffs are ragingly fast and lethal, occasionally intertwined with some catchy hooks that only Max Cavarela would know how to write, the drums incessantly pummel our eardrums, while vocals are furious and filled with that classic thrashy rawness.
In all, “Divinity of Death” is a strong record that although it doesn’t dazzle our senses it’s a good reminder of how cool and great retro thrash sounds like when it’s done properly.

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For fans of: Sepultura, Possessed, Kreator


  1. You forgot to mention that they sound VERY similar to what Aura Noir does.

  2. Yeah, I guess you’re right! Both bands do have some similarities, though I think that Aura Noir shows a greater inclination towards black-metal than Nekromantheon.