Seven Stitches - When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

The sinister and orchestral instrumental intro “Rise of the Hunted” kind of forewarns listeners for the utter chaos that is about to be unleashed when the first and proper theme from Seven Stitches’ debut full-length erupts from the speakers. Sporting an enormous dose of brutality, “Room” kicks off with an orchestral atmosphere and some disturbing tremolo-picked wails before bursting into a frenzied turmoil of blast-beats, palm-muted riffs and deep guttural vocals. This is the sound of a band that’s utterly furious and on the verge of cracking I assure you.
This young Portuguese quintet have crafted a strong debut album that is consistently good from beginning to end, maintaining their blend of death and thrash-metal well balanced and well structured throughout. While it’s typical for young groups within the death and thrash scope to keep things as brutal and insanely fast as possible, Seven Stitches have already acquired the notion that dynamics are good and holds the interest of listeners, I mean it’s hard to find a well crafted death-thrash record that I’d listen all the way through these days, yet “When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted” successfully manages to do so.
Just don’t go expecting anything too groundbreaking either as Seven Stitches aren’t breaking the mould here, their music trails through familiar ground that fans of acts like Hate Eternal, Decapitated, Darkane and Carnal Forge might recognise.
Give it a listen, I’m sure that you’ll become a fan too.

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