Chickenhawk – Modern Bodies

British press tend to exaggerate when it comes to criticize their home-grown talent, branding average acts like One Minute Silence, Kill to This, Panic Cell, Raging Speedhorn and Evile as the next big thing or so.
In this particular case, Chickenhawk deserve every single superlative thrown in their direction and whether you believe them worthy of the hype really depends on how high you rank bands like The Fall of Troy, Poison the Well and Glassjaw among your personal preferences.
See, the Leeds-based quartet operate vigorously somewhere between the math-rock of the first two and the raging post-hardcore of the third, an explosive and rather enthralling mixture that oozes confidence and a jaw-dropping dexterity.
It’s fairly easy to bound with “Modern Bodies”, the songs are obnoxious yet delightful infectious, complex yet rarely cross the line into self indulgent musicianship as Chickenhawk reveal an extraordinary ability to juxtapose math-rock guitar swirls with some catchy and powerful riffs.
Opener “Scorpieau” will grip you immediately with its bludgeoning riffs and contagious chorus with vocalist Paul Michael Astick hopping between almost-spoken whines and gut-wrenching screams, sounding like a Jane’s Addiction tune twisted by someone like Every Time I Die.
Elsewhere, Chickenhawk continue to meld infectious and ferocious riffs with thunderous and angular percussive workouts that will likely knock you off your feet. Truly impressive!

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For fans of: The Fall of Troy, Poison the Well, Glassjaw


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