Father Befouled - Morbid Destitution of Covenant

Coming two years after the band's debut full-length release, 2008's “Obscurus Nex Cultus”, album number two and first for Relapse Records “Morbid Destitution of Covenant” is an unabashed homage to Incantation in particular and old-school death-metal in general.
See, Georgia’s Father Befouled are one of those bands determined to inject that scary and malefic aura so prevalent in late eighties and early nineties’ death-metal releases back into the genre, and cheers to them for that.
Indeed, “Morbid Destitution of Covenant” feels like it was recorded on a four-track somewhere circa 1889 or at the deep bottom of hell due to its murky production job and no-frills attitude, eschewing all notions of experimentation and innovation.
Father Befouled cast out a merciless and savage death-metal that is heavily redolent of Incantation’s visceral brutality, with occasional forays into moribund, doom-slow rhythms. I should also mention that the album features some of the most guttural vocal eruptions ever committed to tape, which add a really creepy dimension to the whole thing.
Usually, I don’t believe in that false pretence that back in the old days, metal was really astounding, yet I must admit that “Morbid Destitution of Covenant”, admirably serves as a good reminder of how menacing and vile death-metal is supposed to sound. It’s not designed to break any boundaries or instigate any sort of revival. It’s just a good example of old-school death-metal.

Band info: www.myspace.com/fatherbefouled
Label info: www.relapse.com
For fans of: Incantation, Asphyx, Immolation


  1. Only recently discovered this band, thanks to a feature in Decibel. A great fucking album with sick vocals.

  2. Personally, I think this band is waaayyy overrated.