Nidingr – Wolf Father

I see a troubled future for Jan Axel Blomberg aka Hellhammer, plagued with tendinitis and other types of injuries given the amount of maniacal bashing the Norwegian drummer is doing in the last few years. His latest musical adventure is something of a black-metal super group, conceived by bassist/guitarist Teloch of 1349, Gorgoroth and Ov Hell fame and rounded up by bassist/guitarist Blargh formerly of Gravferd, Dødheimsgard and vocalist Cpt. Estrella Grasa of Kort Prosess.
“Wolf Father” is actually Nidingr’s second full-length work following a debut recording "Sorrow Infinite and Darkness" from 2005 (apparently the project had been on ice until now), and I can assure you that it is up to the standards expected from such elite musicians.
Right from the beginning of opener “Fafnismol”, Nidingr exude a fearful, frantic, yet disciplined black-metal offensive that is slightly comparable to compatriots Zyklon-B and Thorns. See, they have the relentless speed and aggression of the first, and the cold, razor-sharp delivery of the second, and notwithstanding the fact that they cover familiar ground and their old-school bona fides, “Wolf Father” feels remarkably fresh and interesting.
Throughout 23 short minutes, Nidingr rarely detour from their relentless black-metal onslaught as virtually every single track sounds like a caterpillar wrecking thru walls of steel and cement. Song number two “Baldrs Draumar” is a remarkable exception, showing a great sense of dynamics with the Norse act bouncing between their common and feral aggression and a more slow-paced and epic momentum, which is superbly graced by the soaring voice of Garm from Ulver.
Fans of Zyklon-B, Thorns and Gehenna will certainly not find themselves disappointed with “Wolf Father”.

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