At Our Heels-Misanthropy And Godlessness

At Our Heels offer up a type of music that I could only previously dream about. A mixture of pure, pissed off hardcore prowess with a tinge of melancholic depression. I first heard of this band from the MetalSucks blog in which Vince Neilstein stated in his title, "Good Metal Is At Our Heels." That could not be more true. Everything about this band's monstrous sound drives me absolutely mad. Their music ranges from aggressive straight up hardcore in nature ("Unholy", "Sink With Me") to slow and sludgy ("Graves", "Nom Sum Qualis Eram"). At Our Heels have been sited as "Blackened Hardcore" and I think that name suits this band perfectly. I actually cannot think of another way to describe them.
Regardless of how much hardcore metal or punk influences lie with this bands overall sound, there are hints of droning doom that will send a shiver down your spine. The stringsmen shred melodic hardcore and mix it up with misanthropic droning doom metal. Nothing is sacred as these men execute every chord perfectly. The drumming is outstanding to say the least. Complex drumming does not make up every bit of his act as some bands of this time tend to do. During tracks like "Graves," simplistic drumming makes the track come across more epic and evil than one would expect. It's mind-blowing.
The vocals are similar to your typical 2000's era hardcore band's screams, but there is so much emotion and aggression behind this guys voice that you can feel every word like a cold blade against your temple. Everything about this band tickles my hardcore-loving fancy and I am proud to say that At Our Heels gets a perfect 10 from me. Amazing work guys!

Ross Gnarly
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For fans of: Black Breath, Doomriders, Masakari, Trap Them