The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood

Incorporating influences raging from sludge to industrial and noise, The Body weaves a twisted and bizarre amalgamation of sounds that transports listeners into some creepy and terrifyingly disturbing nightmare.
Their fevered mash of macabre electronic effects, ghastly drone riffs, tribal drums, dissonant noise, anguished shrieks and ritual chanting puts The Body’s second recording “All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood” in a category of their own, extremely difficult to grasp. It’s far from an immediate record and time should be invested in order to appreciate and get a decent notion of what the Rhode Island’s duo have crafted here.
The album opens with a seven-minute choral singing that wouldn’t sound out of place in some Japanese horror flick, before a monolithic drone riff bursts forth along with a thunderous clatter of toms and cymbals, and anguished, almost out-of-breath shrieks. “All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood” is filled with weird moments like this, the looped drums and industrial atmosphere in “A Curse”, the alien and ritualistic chanting in “Empty Hearth” and the spoken samples flowing over a dissonant wall of sound in “Song Of Sarin The Brave”.
The album is not without its faults and sometimes looses its way by trying too hard to be irreverent and noxious, but ends up coming across like a clumsy and pretentious amalgam of everything the band could put their hands at.
But on the overall, The Body’s music is menacing and dreadful, ideal to light up some candles in one of those stormy nights and invoke some Sumerian demons or engage in some Voodoo ritual.

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For fans of: Overmars, Thou, Dark Castle