Diskreet - Engage the Mechanicality

Summing up “Engage the Mechanicality” in a few words is a fairly easy task. It’s modern death-metal by numbers.
While you can’t fault the execution, which is tighter than a mosquito’s asshole, Diskreet’s full-length debut sounds tepid and mechanical as its title implies. It’s a typical death-metal release crafted for the MySpace generation, offering a lot of fretboard pyrotechnics, some slick breakdowns, a bulk of merciless riffs and some deep growls, but nothing that comes close to a truly crushing and mesmerizing song.
The scene is so crowded with bands executing this super-technical, down-tuned, stripped from a single emotion death-metal thing that only a sadist would consider tolerating for more than once.
If you’re one of those masochists who can’t ever get tired of acts like Whitechapel, Carnifex, Job for a Cowboy, Suicide Silence, Annotations of an Autopsy, Oceano, Despised Icon, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Trigger the Bloodshed, Impending Doom, Knights Of The Abyss and Beneath the Massacre then “Engage the Mechanicality” is definitely suitable for your record collection.

Band info: www.myspace.com/diskreet
Label info: www.siegeofamida.net
For fans of: Whitechapel, Job for a Cowboy, Annotations of an Autopsy, Oceano