Rotten Sound - Cursed

Rotten Sound. What can I say. This was one of the first grind bands that I got into a long while back. Their sound is aggressive and straightforward grinding with hardcore punk elements thrown into the mix. This is the style I have gotten used to when I hear a Rotten Sound album and "Cursed" did not let me down in the slightest way.
From the opening track ("Alone"), a force field of grinding fury hits you dead in the face like nuclear fallout. Aside from straight up grindcore, Rotten Sound also pull a killer hardcore punk sound out of that evil little hat of theirs. Tracks like "Choose" and "Hollow" show this sound to work out quite well. Rotten Sound keep my attention more than some grind bands because all of their songs are not just a few seconds long (see "You Suffer" by Napalm Death and "Greenbleeder" by Total Fucking Destruction). Yes, short tracks like this do get the point across pretty quickly, but sometime I need more variety. Rotten Sound manage to grind out damn near 3:00 of pure madness with what seems like ease. Amazing, melodic riffing floods this album as the stringsmen commit to pleasing the listeners ears. The drumming is absolutely fantastic. Complex and heavy, when it's necessary, mid-paced d-beat styled. Keijo's vocals are unbelievably powerful. The dude has a serious set of pipes on him. He enunciates his screams very well so that every word comes across and is instantly soaked into the listeners brain.
I know that I have been giving a lot of 10/10s lately, but I cannot help it. The albums coming out in 2011 have been blowing my mind. Rotten Sound, I believe have topped anything they've ever done. I think this album is absolutely extraordinary. Definitely worthy of a perfect score.

Ross Gnarly
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For fans of: Napalm Death, Gadget, Nasum