Baptists - Baptists

Hardcore is a style of music that is currently taking over my world for the most part. The chunky bass lines, amazing riffing and pummeling drums are absolutely killer in bands like Trap Them, New Lows and The Carrier. I have fallen in love with all of these bands over the last year and now with the coming of Baptists, I have another band to worship.
This band comes right out of the box with aggression piled up. Amazing chugging guitars create an amazing groove that will get your head banging guaranteed. Complex drumming patterns keep a nice, steady tempo throughout every track and the rough, harsh vocals are tormented and strong. Every single track on this short album is amazing and from the first few seconds, I didn't want it to end. From tracks like "Good Parenting" a lover of this genre will automatically set you into overdrive and compel you to continue listening.
I know I have raved about a lot of bands since I have been writing for SCRATCH, but I promise you, Baptists are not a band that you want to sleep on. These guys mean business with their full force attack of metallic hardcore fury. Terrific job, guys. Absolutely mind blowing.

Ross Gnarly
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For fans of: New Lows, Trap Them, Rotten Sound