The Carrier - Blind to What Is Right

The thing I loved most about this album is the insane amount of melody present in every single track. Regardless of how massively brutal and hardcore the atmosphere is, there is always a perfect amount of melodic structure.
Joining the ranks of bands like New Lows and Trap Them, The Carrier are a band with the brute force and logic associated with the hardcore punk ethic but the thing that makes this band stand out is the association of atmospheric elements in their tracks. Songs like "Wash Away My Sins" contains fragments of song structure similar to bands like Isis and Pelican. It is refreshing to listen to a band with so much influence ranging from all different aspects of the metal spectrum. From straight up hardcore passages like "In Silence Together" to the more ambient, emotional tracks like "A Stranger to Myself," The Carrier prove time and time again that their music is not only heavy and powerful but distant and profound.
These guys definitely know what they are doing musically. Every piece of every track is perfectly structured. The guitars are distorted and melodic. The drumming is complex and demanding and the vocals are over the top amazing. This album is absolutely mind-blowing. You will not be disappointed in the least. Bravo!

Ross Gnarly
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For fans of: Trap Them, New Lows, Dead Swans