Darkblack - Midnight Wraith

For a guy that spent most of his youth listening to bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Manowar among others, Darkblack from Oregon-U.S. are a surprising flashback to those juvenile years, when I actually had more hair on my head than on my pubic area and didn’t had to worry about rent at the end of the month. Ahh those were the days!
Indeed, “Midnight Wraith” sounds straight from the 80’s heavy-metal vault, exuding a retro vibe that hints at dinosaurs like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon and Manilla Road. The guitar work of Anthony Crocamo and Rob McConlogue on these five tracks is quite impressive, they constantly churn out twin harmonies and blazing solos that on a few occasions verge on 70’s hard-rock in the vein of Thin Lizzy.
Off course, it’s nothing groundbreaking or outstanding, but in an age of polished productions devoided of soul and sweat, and big pompous choruses, Darkblack most definitely scores some points with their traditional heavy-metal sound oozing passion and integrity.
I’m not sure that this is a disc I would have in a regular rotation in my stereo though, as it tends to get a bit repetitive after a few listens, yet I’m positive that “Midnight Wraith” is perfectly capable of pleasing all the 80’s metal aficionados out there, new, old, bald or hairy.

Luca Niero

Band info: www.myspace.com/darkblack
Label info: www.stormspell.com
For fans of: Iron Maiden, Manilla Road, Saxon