Ghostlimb - Infrastucture

Ghostlimb are a band with a lot to offer. I began listening to this album with an open mind. There were a lot of good things about Ghostlimb, but there were just a many bad things that trumped the fact that they have talent. Their songs are catchy and melodic, but within every track there is an extra melodic section that makes the boredom automatically set in. I really dig what these guys are trying to do, just not so much their execution. 
Their sound is similar to a more melodic New Lows, but not enough to catch my attention. Their riffing is very well orchestrated when it's not set into overkill and their drumming is great. The vocals are good at times, but again, just not great. 
I know this band has been around for a while, but it seems to me that they are still coming into their own sound and they are still slowly evolving. I really hope that some day I can come to like this band, because as I stated they are talented musicians but I just do not dig them at the time being. Good attempt, guys. Keep making music. (4/10)

Ross Gnarly
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