Virus - The Agent That Shapes The Desert

Over the last two decades Carl-Michael Eide, also known as Czral, Aggressor and Exhurtum have been responsible for some of the most innovative and eerie music made within the extreme metal scope, first with Ved Buens Ende, then with Dødheimsgard and lately with Virus.
Often tagged as avant-garde jazzy metal, Virus is definitely where the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist most explores his leftfield verve at the moment and in that respect, their latest album “The Agent that Shapes the Desert” offers some pretty weird and dark music.
The album ebbs and flows brilliantly from track to track, transporting listeners into a dark and mysterious scenic ambient, just like a journey through an old and obscure circus full of freaks, wonders and other curiosities.
Jazzy drum patterns coupled with some outstanding bass work accompany dissonant and hypnotic guitar chords, while the singular vocals of Czarl have a somewhat theatrical feel, just like the ringmaster of the circus I’ve mentioned.
Off course their unorthodox and indulgent brilliance is just not for everyone, therefore Virus’ music will eventually remain confined to only a privileged few with a penchant for challenging music and regrettably Carl and co. are condemned to live on a diet of rice and beans for the rest of their lives.

David Alexandre

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For fans of: Ved Buens Ende, Voivod, Vulture Industries