We Are The Damned - Devorador dos Mortos

I’ve a soft spot for this Portuguese act ever since I’ve come across their debut album "The Shape Of Hell To Come" in 2008. We Are The Damned basically epitomizes everything I love in old-school death-metal and hardcore. “Devorador dos Mortos” which means “devourer of the dead” is the band’s brand new video-clip taken from their soon to be released second album “Holy Beast” and it’s a furious, raw and downright insane theme.
You really, really need to see this, and don’t forget their sophomore work comes in March 18th through Germany´s Bastardized Recordings.

More info at: www.myspace.com/wearethedamned


  1. Excelente blog.
    Bem melhor do que aqueles escritos por protagonistas de novelas no MU.

  2. Obrigado pelo elogio!
    Realmente novelas não é o nosso forte, no MU ou noutro sitio qualquer.